About Links Productions LLC

Where Reality Becomes The Misfit

Derek Garcia - Founder

Founded by Derek Garcia, Links Productions LLC began in early 2013 originally with the mission of becoming a major contender in 3d Animation and video. The idea was to bridge the gap between East and West coasts in the industry by establishing a position here in Denver, Colorado. Though this vision still exists, over time it has evolved into capturing moments in life with photo and bringing imagination to life within a single image graphically.

The moments in our lives are precious and with a blink of an eye they can escape our grasp. When we work with individuals and families for their photo needs we take pride in knowing that a single image has the potential to stay with them for the rest of their lives. Knowing this, we do our best to capture the best of our subjects so that they can print and decorate their walls with these fond memories. 

Derek is a Colorado Native and University of Colorado graduate with a Bachelors in 3d Animation. With the heart of Colorado, Derek finds himself hiking, fishing, and camping as often as possible in the Rocky Mountains. He hopes to capture the amazing landscapes we have here and share it with the world. As well, travelling to new destinations is seen as an important aspect to understanding life and appreciating cultures from around the globe. It is only after understanding one another can we begin to share this pale blue dot that we exist on suspended in space. (Quotes from Ferris Bueller and Carl Sagan.)