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The Power of Photography

Photography has the ability to motivate, influence, and evoke human emotions unlike any other medium. Paired with a story, photographs can move mountains, protect species, shed light on humanitarian issues, and get people excited about new travel locations around the world. The modern tourist relies on photography to make determinations on their next vacation spot, resort, and experience. It gives them confidence in the story being told, It is real, tangible, and within reach.

As of 2020 there were 908 Million users on Instagram alone! Each using the platform in their own way to engage with topics important to them. The term Insta Tourism is something you will be hearing more of over the next decade and should not be taken lightly.

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Links Productions aims to partner with organizations and business around the globe to bring attention to Earth's special locations. Let us work together to plan a photo strategy and plan the story you wish to tell. 

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Example - A Journey to Malaysia


After many hours of travel I finally arrive late into Kota Kinabulu. Here is my first rookie mistake. Knowing I was going to arrive late I should have pulled cash out before arriving just in case. I was staying at a hostel and they offered me a ride so I didn’t think I had anything to worry about, plus there were ATMs. Sure enough, I couldn’t reach the hostel so I had to go to the ATMs. There were two in this small airport and neither would accept my card……..F%$#k.

Lucky for me, a taxi driver working late that night had been watching me to no avail calling the hostel and not being able to pull cash out. Pretty sure he could tell I was new to this. He asked where I was staying and waited until he got a fare heading in the same direction. He told me to get in and he would drop me off after he dropped his other fare. I wouldn’t really recommend anyone else by themselves doing this, but for me it worked out just fine. The kindness of this elder gentlemen was amazing. He got me to the hostel and wished me the best on my trip. I wish I had a photo of him to remember, but nonetheless his gesture has had a lasting effect on me.


The first day in Kota Kinabulu was getting acclimated to the area, paying my hostel (sinceI  didn't have cash and my card was not working), and just exploring the city. Being right on the coast there was a ton of fishermen and a daily open market near the harbor to buy the freshest of fish.............

Discover Your World

This world is full of natural wonders just waiting to be discovered. Below you will see Links Productions' journey around the world. There is more to be seen, more to be documented, and we hope to see it some day. Feel free to view the galleries below for your own enjoyment or to print and download these images to hang in your office and home. If you are in need of landscape photography for business or non-profit please reach out! We would be happy to discuss where we can help.

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